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Born on March 11, 1916 in Mainz, Germany.
Birth Name: Ferdinand Philip Mayer-Horckel
Spouse: Deirdre de Payer (1955 - 1972) (divorced).
Died on January 30, 1998 in London, England from Parkinson's disease.


TV Appearances

(1996) 100 Years of Horror: Blood-Drinking Beings
(1996) 100 Years of Horror: The Count and Company
(1995)The Killers Within (General Karl von Weber)
(1994) The Vampire Interviews
(1994)Flesh and Blood: The Hammer Heritage of Horror (Documentary)
(1994)Die Schönsten Geschichten mit Heinz Rühmann
(1993)Warlock: The Armageddon (One-Eyed Man)
(1993)Benefit of the Doubt (Mueller)
(1993)Die Spur führt ins Verderben
(1993)Knight Moves (Jeremy Edmonds)
(1992)The Tigress (The Austrian Count)
(1991)The Hit Man (Vigo)
(1991)Mrs. Harris und der Heiratsschwindler (Major Watkins)
(1991)My Lovely Monster
(1990)"Monsters"- Cellmates
(1990)In the Shadow of the Sandcastle
(1990)River of Diamonds (Fred Shelborne)
(1990)I Want to Live
(1989)Mrs. Harris fährt nach Monte Carlo (Major)
(1989)Call from Space (Archimedes)
(1989)"Rivalen der Rennbahn" (Emanuel von Rödermark)
(1989)Magdalene (Archbishop)

(1988)A Friendship in Vienna (Father Bernard)

All 3 images ©Finnegan/Pinchuk Productions/ Walt Disney Television

(1988)A Dinner of Herbs (Yosef)
(1988)The Choice
(1988)Der Vierte Mann
(1987)"Teta" (Count Dracula)
(1987)Pehavý Max a strasidlá/Freckled Max and the Spooks (Gróf Dracula)
(1986)"Losberg" (di Veccoli)

(1986)Pirates (Captain Linares)

All 3 images ©Cominco/Accent Films/Carthago Films S.a.r.l.

(1985)"Ein Fall für TKKG"- Der Schlangenmensch (Graf Falkenstein)
(1985)Hot Chili (Mr. Houston)
(1985)Howling II:Your Sister Is a Werewolf (Erle)
(1985)Night Train to Terror (God)
(1985)Wallenberg: A Hero's Story (Rabbi Preiss)
(1985)"Polizeiinspektion 1"- Alles Glück dieser Erde (Baron)
(1983+1985)"Cagney & Lacey" (Albert Grand)
-- Two Grand
-- The Grandest Jewel Thief of Them All
(1984)"SOKO 5113"- Herrenpartie

(1984)Conan the Destroyer (The Leader)
©De Laurentiis

(1984)The Secret Diary of Sigmund Freud (Herr Herrmann)
(1983)Sadat (Mullah)
(1983)Yellowbeard (Mr. Beamish)
(1983)"The Optimist"- Man's Worst Friend (The Father)
(1983)The Black Stallion Returns (Abu Ben Ishak)

(1983)"The Winds of War" (Ludwig Rosenthal)

With Robert Mitchum. Both images ©Paramount Television/Jadran Film

(1983)Cagney and Lacey
©Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS)

(1982)Frightmare (Conrad Radzoff)
(1982)"Hart to Hart"- In the Hart of the Night (Kasin)
(1982)Horror Star
(1982)"The Greatest American Hero"
-- The Resurrection of Carlini (Marco the Magnificent)
(1981)"The Greatest American Hero" - My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys (Abe Figueroa)
(1981)Death of a Centerfold: The Dorothy Stratten Story (Lomax)
(1981)Mihail, cîine de circ
(1981)"Dynasty"- The Separation (Channing)
(1981)"Levkas Man"
(1981)Evita Peron (Saffici)
(1981)Überfall in Glasgow
(1981)Longshot (Ralph Zipper)
(1981)Clapper Board
(1980)The Formula (Professor Siebold)
(1980)Hawk the Slayer (Old Man, Father of Hawk and Voltan)
(1979)"Jauche und Levkojen"
(1979)"A Man Called Intrepid" (Alexander Korda)
(1979)Der Schuft, der den Münchhausen schrieb (Münchhausen)

(1979)The Music Machine (Basil Silverman)
©AVR Home Entertainment Company

(1979)Mihail, cîine de circ
(1979)Das Verräterische Herz (Victim)
(1979)"Quest of Eagles" All 7 episodes (Vladek Gora)
(1978)"Kidnapped" (Van Spraag)
(1978)Harold Robbin's The Pirate (Jabir)

(1978)Revenge of the Pink Panther (Dr. Paul Laprone)

Both images ©Jewel Productions

(1978)Fedora (Director)
(1978)"Wings" -No Medals (Paul Savonnard)
(1978)"Zwei himmlische Töchter"-Ein Sarg nach Leech (Boris Leech/Ivan Leech)
(1978)Diener und andere Herren (Gastronom)
(1978)"Tochter des Schweigens"
(1978)"Mein lieber Mann"
(1977)Sanfter Schrecken
(1977)"Les diamants du président" (Dr. Straker)

(1977)"The New Avengers"- Trap (Arcarti)

©The Avengers Enterprises/ TF1/IDTV Production

(1977)Heibe Ware
(1977)Generale - Anatomie der Marneschlacht (French)

(1976)The Eagle Has Landed (Radl's doctor)
©ITC Entertainment /Associated General Films

(1976)Prozeß Medusa
(1976)Das Schweigen im Walde (Baron Sternfeld)
(1976)Red (Painter)

(1975)Barry Lyndon (Colonel Bulow)
©Warner Bros. /Peregrine, Hawk Films

(1975)Zwei Finger einer Hand (Chief Inspector Brooks)
(1975)Bis zur bitteren Neige/To the Bitter End (Wallace)
(1975)"You're on Your Own"- No Questions Asked: Part 2 (Fermont)
(1975)"Floris von Rosemund"
(1975)"Lockruf des Goldes"/Burning Daylight - Das Klondike-Fieber (John Tarwater)
(1975)"Die Schöne Marianne"- Der Falschspieler

(1974)"Father Brown"- The Secret Garden (Aristide Valentin)
(Pictured with Kenneth More)
All 5 images ©Associated Television (ATV)

(1974)"The Zoo Gang"- The Lion Hunt (De Broux)
(1974)Die Ameisen kommen
(1974)Men of Affairs-It's a Bug (Dubios)
(1974)Tausend Francs Belohnung (Baron de Puencarral)
(1974)"Okay S.I.R."- Eine Reise mit Papa (Dr. David Sulavan)
(1973)"Kara Ben Nemsi Effendi" (Sir David Lindsay)
(1973)"Arthur of the Britons"- Some Saxon Women (Greek Captain)
(1973)Plaza Fortuna (Don Delicio)
(1973)Die Reise nach Wien (Moltenau)
(1973)Innocent Bystanders (Marcus Kaplan)
(1973)Whodunnit?-Crime After a Fashion (Mr. Roland)
(1972)Jackanory Playhouse-The Coming of the Kings (Priest)
(1972)"Suchen Sie Dr. Suk!" (Präsident)
(1972)Il Tema di Marco/Marco's Theme
(1972)Max Hölz. Ein deutsches Lehrstück (Anwalt Dr. Levi

(1972)Au Pair Girls (Sheik El Abab)
©Tigon Pictures

(1972)Doppelspiel in Paris - Zeugenberichte aus dem gefährlichen Leben der Mathilde Carré (Rechtsanwalt Maitre Brault)
(1972)Innocent Bystanders (Marcus Kaplan)
(1972)"Spyder's Web"- The Prevalence of Skeletons (Peter Toney)

(1972)"Tatort"-Der Fall Geisterbahn (Zink)

All 4 images © Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (ARD), Schweizerische Radio- und Fernsehgesellschaft (SRG)/Österreichischer Rundfunk (ORF)

(1972)"The Persuaders!"- Five Miles to Midnight (Count Sangallo)
©Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

(1971)Eagle in a Cage (Count Bertrand)
©Group W

(1971)Der Zeuge (Regierungskommissar)
(1971)Vampire Happening
(1971)The Gazebo (Mister Grunder)
(1971)Il Vichingo venuto dal sud (Professor Grutekoor)
(1971)The Red Baron/Von Richthofen and Brown (Father Richthofen)
(1971)Gebissen wird nur nachts (Count Dracula)

(1971)When Eight Bells Toll (Lavorski)
©Jerry Gershwin-Elliott Kastner, Winkast Film Productions

(1971)Deutschstunde (Mr. Haines)
(1971)The Return of Count Yorga
(1971)From a Bird's Eye View-Witness for the Persecution (Spanish Captain)
(1970)Der Polizeiminister 1759-1820 Joseph Fouche (Polizeiminister Joseph Fouche)

(1970)The Vampire Lovers (Doctor)

©Hammer Films/American International Pictures (AIP)/Fantale Films

(1970)"Die Kriminalerzählung"

(1970)The Walking Stick (Douglas Dainton)
©Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)/Jerry Gershwin-Elliott Kastner/Winkast Film Productions

(1970)The Adventurers (Sergei's father)
(1970)Vertige pour un tueur/Vertigo for a Killer

(1969)The Magic Christian (Eduoard)

Both images ©Commonwealth United Entertainment

(1969)The Best House in London

© Bridge Productions

(1969)Where Eagles Dare (General Reichmarshal Rosemeyer)

Both images ©Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

(1969)"The Avengers"- Legacy of Death (Baron Von Orlak)

Both images ©ABC Weekend Television

(1969)Gates to Paradise (Count Ludovic de Vendome)
(1969)"Man in a Suitcase"- The Revolutionaries (Haider)

(1967)The Saint-A Double in Diamonds (Nicholas)
Both images ©Bamore

(1967)The Limbo Line (Sutcliffe)
(1967)The Exchange Student (MacFarrell)
(1967)The Bobo (Silvestre Flores)

(1967)Dance of the Vampires/The Fearless Vampire Killers (Count von Krolock)
Both images ©Filmways Pictures/Cadre Films

(1967)Les Grandes vacances (MacFarrell)

(1966)"The Saint"-Flight Plan

Both images ©Bamore

(1966)"Court Martial"- Let Slip the Dogs of War (Marchese Guido Tarchetti)

(1966)"Danger Man"/Secret Agent - The Paper Chase (Laprade)
All 3 images ©Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

(1966)Promise Her Anything (Vittorio Fettucini)

(1965)Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines or How I Flew from London to Paris in 25 hours 11 minutes (French Official)
©Twentieth Century-Fox Productions/Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

(1965)Operation Crossbow (German Officer at rocket plant)

© Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer British Studios

(1964)The Counterfeit Constable (Jose, l'agent de Diana Dors)

(1964)"The Saint"-The Wonderful War (The Iman)
Both images ©Bamore

(1964)Allez France! (L'agent de Diana Dors)
©Compagnie Industrielle et Commerciale Cinématographique (CICC)

(1959+1964)"The Third Man"
-- A Little Knowledge (Captain Ramirez)
-- Barcelona Passage (Bertolli)

(1964)"Espionage"- A Tiny Drop of Poison (Bin Hammad)
©Associated Television (ATV)/National Broadcasting Company (NBC)/Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

(1963)"The Saint"-Iris (Stratford Keene)

Both images ©Bamore

(1963)Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color

(1963)"The Sentimental Agent"- A Box of Tricks (Count De Rici)
©Associated Television (ATV)

(1963)"Maigret"- Another World
(1963)"Man of the World"- The Bullfighter (Ramos)
(1963)Der Schwur des Soldaten Pooley/The Survivor (Intelligence officer)

(1963)"Ghost Squad"- The Desperate Diplomat (Shand)
©Associated Television (ATV)

(1963)Come Fly with Me (Vienna Hotel Clerk)
©Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer British Studios/De Grunwald Productions

(1963)"Zero One"- Danger on Cloud Seven (The Count)
(1963)Shadow of Treason
(1962-1963)"No Hiding Place"
-- Alibis Are Fixed (Robbie Robinson)
-- The Most Beautiful Room in the World (Mr. Fortescue)
(1962)Das Glas Wasser (Bolinbroke)

(1962)The Password Is Courage (First German officer at French farm)

Both images ©Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)


(1962)"Richard the Lionheart"- King Arthur's Sword (Merlin)

All 3 images ©Danziger Productions Ltd.

(1962)"Sir Francis Drake"- The Reluctant Duchess (Joos)
(1962)Masters of Venus (Votan)
(1962)Story of Private Pooley
(1961)Three Spare Wives (Fazim Bey)
(1961)"Plateau of Fear" (General Villagran)

(1961)"Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond"- Nightmare (Geoffrey Heathcote)
©Joseph L. Schenck Enterprises/ ABC Films

(1961)Highway to Battle (Ziegler)
(1961)The Green Helmet (Rossano)
(1961)"The Pursuers"- The Web (Gregory Thomas)
(1961)Frederic Chopin
(1960)"International Detective"- The Rainis Case (Baron Rainis)
(1960)Highway to Battle
(1960)The Spider's Web (Oliver)
(1960)Crossroads to Crime (Miles)

(1960)"Danger Man"- The Blue Veil (The Moukta)

Both images ©Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

(1960)Knight Errant Limited-The King of Kandoga (Mohan)

(1960)"The Four Just Men"- The Protector (Bannerman)
©Sapphire Films/Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

(1960)Skyport Ep 1.42 (Marquis Camillo de Castillo)
(1960)"Dixon of Dock Green"- Everything Goes in Threes (Pym)
(1960)"Man from Interpol"- The Missing Child (Haja)
(1960)Our Man in Havana (Prof. Sanchez)
(1959)Tommy the Toreador (Lopez)
(1959)Rendezvous (Baldini/Larry)

(1959)Ben-Hur (Captain of Rescue Ship)

Both images ©Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

(1959)Third Man on the Mountain (Andreas)

(1959)"Interpol Calling"- The Money Game (Castillon)
©Wrather Productions/Incorporated Television Company (ITC)/The Rank Organisation

(1959)Deadly Record (Ramon Casadas)
(1959)"William Tell"- Castle of Fear (Gustav)
(1959)The End of the Line (Edwards)
(1958)"Behind Closed Doors"- The Brioni Story (General Racz)
(1958)"African Patrol"- The Mortimer Touch
(1958)Next to No Time (Mario)
(1958)"White Hunter"- The General (Dubois)
(1958)A Woman of Mystery (Andre)
(1958)"The Truth About Melandrinos" (Ruzell)
(1958)"The New Adventures of Charlie Chan"- The Noble Art of Murder (Georges Larue)
(1958)Sword of Freedom-Francesca (The Swiss Ambassador)

(1958)The Safecracker (Greek Ship Owner)
©Coronado Productions

(1957-1959)"The Vise" (Armand/Paulo/Carl Blanco/Danny Nicholls)

All 6 images ©Danziger Productions Ltd.

(1957)The End of the Line (Edwards)
(1957)Three Sundays to Live (Davis)
(1957)The Royalty Ep 1.1
(1957)Overseas Press Club-Exclusive! (Major Vogel/Abwehr Officer)

(1957)Seven Waves Away/Abandon Ship (Solly Daniels)
©Copa Productions

(1957)You Pay Your Money (Delal)
(1957)The Adventures of Aggie-The Man Who Forgot (Dr Catanec)
(1957)The Big Chance (Dimitri Aperghis)
(1957)Sailor of Fortune
-Ship on the Reef (The Mayor)
-Angelina's Adventure (Ben Ali)
(1957)Assignment Foreign Legion-Mixed Blood (Ben Rahim)
(1957)"O.S.S."- Operation Dagger (Abwehr Oberst von Bloch)
(1957)"Sword of Freedom"- Francesca (The Swiss Ambassador)

(1957)Blue Murder at St. Trinian's (Italian police inspector)
©John Harvel Productions

(1956)The Big Money (Furrier)

All 3 images ©The Rank Organisation

(1956)Scotland Yard-Wall of Death
©British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

(1956)A Woman of Mystery (Andre)
(1956)Big Money (Furrier)
(1956)"The Buccaneers"- Before the Mast (El Supremo)
(1956)Find the Lady (Tony Del Roma)
(1956)"The Count of Monte Cristo"- The Talleyrand Affair (Baron Garonniz)

(1956)The Baby and the Battleship (Interpreter)
©British Lion Film Corporation/Jay Lewis Productions

(1956)The Narrowing Circle (Bill Strayte)

(1955)Storm Over the Nile (Dr. Harraz)
©Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation/London Film Productions

(1955)Gentlemen Marry Brunettes (M. Dufond)

(1955)Glass Tomb (Bertie)

© Lippert Films/Hammer Films

(1955)Value for Money (Waiter)
(1955)Crossroads (Impressario)
(1955)Deadly Game
(1954)Twist of Fate (Police Chief)
(1954)Fire Over Africa
(1954)The Divided Heart (Dr Muller)
(1954)The Big Deadly Game (Maxwell Carey)
(1954)Third Party Risk (Maxwell Carey)

(1954)Betrayed (Luftwaffe Officer)
©Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

(1954)Beautiful Stranger (Police Chief)
(1954)Malaga (Mustapha)
(1954)You Know What Sailors Are (Stanislaus Voritz of Smorznigov)
(1954)Marilyn/Roadhouse Girl (Nicky Everton)

(1953)Three Steps to the Gallows/White Fire(Mario Satargo)
©Tempean Films

(1953)The Blue Parrot (Stevens)

(1953)Captain's Paradise (The Sheikh)
©London Film Productions

(1953)Desperate Moment (Detective Laurence)
(1953)"Epitaph for a Spy" (Koche)

(1953)The Broken Horseshoe (Charles Constance)
©Nettlefold Films

(1953)Roadhouse Girl

(1952)All Hallowe'en (Soldier)
(1952)The Paris Express/The Man Who Watched the Trains Go By (Louis)

©Raymond Stross Productions/Josef Shaftel Productions Inc.

(1952)Venetian Bird/The Assasin (Tio)
© British Film-Makers

(1952)Made in Heaven (Istfan)

(1951)Encore (Headwaiter)
© Two Cities Films

(1951)Show Me a Spy-Address Unknown! (Chief of Intelligence)
(1951)The Passing Show (Monsieur Raoul)
(1951)Hotel Sahara (Yusef)

(1950)Highly Dangerous
© Two Cities Films

(1950)Professional Pride (Foreigner)
(1950)Table Seventeen (Georges)

(1950)Cairo Road (Doctor at Port Said)
© Mayflower Productions

(1950)Prelude to Fame (Carlo Ferugia)

(1950)The Great Manhunt/State Secret
©London Film Productions

(1949)Celia: The Sinister Affair of Poor Aunt Nora (Antonio)

(1949)The Huggetts Abroad (Gendarme)

All 3 images © Gainsborough Pictures


(1949)The Temptress (Julian)

(1949)Vote for Huggett (Waiter)
©Gainsborough Pictures

(1948)One Night with You (First Detective)
(1947)Broken Journey (Pelotti)
(1947)Waltz Time (Max)

(1946)English Criminal Justice ( A Visitor from Abroad)
©British Council

(1945)Echo Murders (Dacier)(Credited as Ferdi Mayne)

©Strand Film Company/British National Films

(1945)Meet Sexton Blake (Slant-Eyes)
(1944)Her Man Gilbey
(1944)English Without Tears
(1943)Warn That Man

(1943)The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp (Prussian student)
©Independent Producers/The Archers

(1943)Old Mother Riley Overseas

Images in this section used with permission from:
Piers Johnson (
anonymous contributors




AYBS Stats

AYBS Timeframe: 1977

Episode: "It Pays to Advertise"






-Father was the Judge of Mayence (Mainz).

-Mother was a singing teacher.

-Father of actress Belinda Mayne.

-Sang lead roles in London musicals.

-Worked as an informant for MI5 during WWII.

-Moved to America to play in the Cagney and Lacey series.



(1965)A Patriot for Me (Judge Advocate Kunz)(Royal Court Theatre)
(1964)No Strings (Her Majesty's Theatre)
(1950) "The Man with the Umbrella" (Duchess Theatre)
(1954) "All for Mary" (Duke of York's Theatre)
(1946)Crime and Punishment (New Theatre and Theatre Royal)
(Nov 1945)The Gambler
(1943) Watch on the Rhine (Kurt Muller)(Aldwych Theatre)


TV Plays

(1980)"BBC Plays: The Ghost Sonata (The Colonel)
(1961)"Kraft Mystery Theater"- The Spider's Web (Oliver
(1959)"Kraft Mystery Theater"- Deadly Record (Ramon Casadas)
(1959)Armchair Theatre -Strange Meeting (Bruno)
(1958)ITV Television Playhouse-Don't Listen Ladies (Michel Aubrion)
(1958)Armchair Theatre-Trial by Candlelight (Guide Ponterosso)
(1958)BBC Sunday-Night Theatre- Television World Theatre: The Captain of Koepenick (Obermueller)
(1955)BBC Sunday-Night Theatre - The Leader of the House (Count Rudolph Walem)
(1954)BBC Sunday-Night Theatre - Beau Brummell (Prince Esterhazy)
(1951)BBC Sunday-Night Theatre - Albert







From an interview. Unknown show.

(Image in this section used with permission from