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Born on January 16, 1943 in Watford, Hertfordshire, England (UK).
Birth Name: Michael John Attwell
Height: 6' 4"
Known Name Variation: Mike Attwell
Has 3 children:
Zoe and Jake Attwell by Inger Cederstrand
Cassie by Caroline Cornish.
Died on March 18, 2006 in London, England (UK).




TV Appearances

(2006)Agatha Christie Marple: The Sittaford Mystery (Archie Stone)
©WGBH Boston/Granada

(2006)"Hotel Babylon" (Derek Crisp)
(2006)Missing (Mr. Greenside)
(2005)Terrance Dicks: Fact & Fiction (Bill Sykes)
(2004)"Heartbeat"- Buried Secrets (Bob Acott)

(2004)Trial & Retribution-Blue Eiderdown: Part 1 (Brian the Bouncer)
Both images ©Isle of Man Film

(2004)"Doc Martin" - Of All the Harbours in All the Towns (Alan Gibson)
©Buffalo Pictures

(2004)"The Last Detective"- The Long Bank Holiday (Billy Clemens)
Both images ©Meridian Broadcasting

(2003)"Seven Wonders of the Industrial World" - The Great Ship (William Hope)
(2003)"Dinotopia" (Hugo)
---Car Wars
(2002)The Bill-Quinnan 1 (Barry Hunt)
(2002)Daniel Deronda (Rev. Gascoigne)
(1989-2002)"The Bill" (Barry Hunt/Gerry Harper/Bartlett)

(2001)"My Family" - Get Cartier (Mr. Smith)

(2001)High Heels and Low Lifes (Duty Sergeant)
(2001)New Year's Day (Sgt. Bristow)
(2000)"Hope & Glory" Ep 3.2 (Geoff Wilson)
(2000)"Border Cafe" (Edwardian Clive)
(2000)Circus (Magnus)
(2000)"Monsignor Renard" Eps 1.2-1.4 (M. Dufosse)
(1999)The Colour of Justice (William James Mellish)
(1999)Bodywork (David Leer)
(1997)"Casualty"-Bad Company (David Read)

(1997-1998)"Wycliffe" (DCC Stevens)
© Harlech Television (HTV)

(1997)"Pie in the Sky"- In the Smoke (Michael)

(1997)Hostile Waters (Kuzmenko)

(1997)"Silent Witness"- Friends Like These: Part 1+2 (Josef Quayle)

Image © British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)/Cipango Productions Audiovisuelles/A+E Networks

(1996)The Bill-Toe the Line (Gerry Harper)

(1996)Poldark (George Warleggan)
© Harlech Television (HTV)

(1995)Joseph (Judah)
(1995)"Bugs" - Out of the Hive (Alan Moore)
(1995)"Harry" Ep 2.1 (Roger)
(1994)Lie Down with Lions (Bazarov)
(1994)Tom & Viv (W.I. Janes)
(1994)"Anna Lee" -Stalker (Robert Thurman/Charlie McKinnon)
(1993)"The Scarlet and the Black" (Monsieur Valenod)
(1993)"Westbeach" (Ray Cromer)

(1993)"Then Churchill Said to Me" (Private Norman Pain)

Both images ©BBC

(1993)Horse Opera (Johnson)
(1991)"Boon"-Help Me Make It Through the Night (John Milne)
(1991)"Casualty"-Pressure! What Pressure? (Sam Jones)
(1991)Singles-Flash Back (Jeff)

(1990)"Inspector Morse"- The Infernal Serpent (Parsons)
©Zenith Entertainment

(1989)The Bill-Tulip (Bartlett)
(1989)"Boon"-The Fall and Rise of the Bowman Empire (Arthur Mitchell)
(1988)"EastEnders" (Kenny Beale)
(1988)Hallmark Hall of Fame: The Tenth Man (Krogh)

(1988)Buster (Harry)
© The Movie Group/Buster Productions/The NFH Productions

(1987)"Never Say Die" Eps 1.1,1.5-1.6 (Mr. Danvers)
(1987)Gentry (Slatter)
(1986)Labyrinth (Voice of a Goblin)
(1986)"Roll Over Beethoven" Ep 2.3 (P.C. Crosby)

(1985)"Oliver Twist" (Bill Sikes)

(1967+1985)"Doctor Who" (Isbur/Bates)
(1984)"Minder"- A Number of Old Wives Tales (Harry)
(1983)"Jemima Shore Investigates"- Death à la Carte
(1983)"Bergerac"- Almost Like a Holiday (Frank)

(1982)"Only Fools and Horses"- It Never Rains... (Englishman)
Both images ©BBC

(1982)The Chinese Detective-Bounty Hunter (Harry Foss)
(1981)Seconds Out-Round 8
(1980)"Turtle's Progress"-Box Eight (Razor Eddie Malone)
(1979)"Turtle's Progress" Ep 1.2 (Razor Eddie Malone)
(1969)"The First Churchills" (Henry St. John)
---Not Without Honour
---Breaking the Circle
---A Famous Victory
(1968)The Root of All Evil?-You Can Only Buy Once (Ron)

(1967)Dr. Who

©BBC-TV Productions/Amicus Productions/AARU Productions

Images for this section used with permission from:
anonymous contributers


AYBS Stats

AYBS Timeframe: 1985

Episode: "The Hold-Up"



-Was a political cartoonist and signed the cartoons as "Zoke".

-Began career on the repertory stage.


Audio/Video/Books/Official Websites


"First clip of chat show pilot hosted by Bernard Braden and featuring Michael Attwell as a guest at the time he was starring as Razor Eddie in Turtle's Progress. Michael Attwell sings My Time of Day from Guys and Dolls and tells funny stories about filming with horses."-Jake Attwell

(Clip and text used with permission from Jake Attwell).




(2002)"The Woman Who Cooked Her Husband" at the New Ambassadors Theater (Played Kenneth).